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October 17, 2009

A perplexing conundrum.

Here's the thing about personal websites... the content is mostly drivel and crap that few other than the author care about. My situation is complicated by the fact that I'm aware of this. So while I'm plagued by the urge to share my meager wit with the disheveled & soiled masses, that urge is accompanied by a rather large dose of disgust for bowing to what resembles my ego each time I do. This internal tète à tète proceeds while I'm painfully aware that it's all for naught because I'm pretty sure the only one reading this is my Mom. (Hi Mom - everything's fine & the chili turned out great.)

Now the point of all of this wasn't to draw more attention to my own struggling id and the complexities there in, but rather to set the stage (such as it is) for the dilemma that I am currently faced with. This dilemma arose as a result of a peculiar email arriving in my inbox this week. The dilemma is this:

  1. I did not directly or indirectly invite/cajole/or otherwise encourage this email in anyway.
  2. I don't know the sender, nor do I know the intended recipient.
  3. I am definitely not the intended recipient.
  4. The email is of a rather personal nature. Not so personal as to reveal any information critical in nature other than a missed opportunity, and an absolutely abhorrent choice in musical taste.

Essentially, I'm presented with a gift or a curse. Someone has sent me an email that they intended for another. I received it, and am instantly inclined to disregard it. I find that as my day progresses, I am unable to put this odd little electronic correspondence out of my head. It begins to plague me. It haunts me. This email could be the beginning of something magnificent for two strangers. Or it could be the necessary piece of information that could bring closure to a troubled life. It's not outside the realm of possibility that this short little missive could be the crucial missing element in what was intended to be a blissfull existence which is now doomed because of it's absence. WHAT THE HELL MAN!?  I didn't ask for this. Why are people sending me their freaking personal shit?!

I received this email because someone sent it to an address that now belongs to me. I "own" the domain name that this website is registered under. Any and all email that is directed at my domain, will pass through two or three filters I have set up to remove all the spam & junk mail, and eventually will be redirected to an email account that I can check at my convenience. That is to say, if you were to send an email to: Jerkface [at] bigguy [dot] ca, (while making the obvious replacements), I'll get it. Similarly if you change the address to: knuckledragger [at] bigguy [dot] ca, I'll get that one too.

Getting back to my mystery letter... this thing plagued me so much that when I got home from work earlier this week I spent roughly three hours trying to track down the intended recipient with no success. I don't feel it's really my place to respond to the email, though I recognize that the responsibility lies with me all the same. And so we arrive at my conundrum. WTF do I do with this email?

[To: Recipient]
[From: Sender]
There's a Celine Dion song on the radio and it reminded me of when you told me you even liked some of her music.
I wish I could've met you even if it was just once.
Do I respond to "Sender" and tell them that their email did not arrive where they expected? Do I ignore the entire thing and go about my business? Do I continue my magical-interweb hunt for "Recipient" in hopes of passing on this oddly touching, yet largely substance-free correspondence despite the radically warped sense of musical appreciation that apparently plague both parties?

No dear reader, the answer is obvious... I'll make it the focal point of a blog entry, and let you decide for me. That,... or, hope that "Sender" eventually finds this website, and this entry in particular, all while taking note of the great care I've gone to to protect both parties anonymity so as not to rouse anyone's ire.

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Sasa Peace Rocks said...

Awesome blog!! I would probably respond to the sender and tell them that their email did not arrive where they expected. You are sweet!! :-)