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October 1, 2009

Well aged and barely adequate:

Well, that was short lived. To the three of you that I know are reading this you'll probably have noticed a wee bit of a change in the look of the site / blog / whatever the hell this is.

The whole "When I Take over the World" thing sort of ran dry after about three or four days. Which, all things considered, is probably about seventy-two hours more than it needed. So I resurrected an old (and favourite) graphic I used on an older version of the site back when I used to host it myself. Woohoo! Lets hope this iteration is capable of lasting longer then the four or five posts the old one did. If for no other reason... the graphic I think is worthy of at least six.

Whew.. now that I've set my goals just slightly out of reach, I can look forward to the impending & all-encompassing wave of depression that will arrive roughly about the time as my realization that my dream of self-employment through witty and insightful web based banter is once more ready for long-term storage.  Mmmmmm, can you smell the narcissism yet?
"Who's sense of identity needs validating?"
"Mine does! Mine does!"
I've left the posts from the previous iteration of this site below, because well... I still think those &#(@ing meteorologists should be paid on a performance basis. Seriously. How sweet a job is that?
"Hey it might rain... it might not. Is it pay day yet? I'm going for coffee."
Yup.. so mark it down. Let this wisdom be passed on to the generations that follow. Screw going to law school, medical school is nothing but heartbreak and long hours. You want an easy ride and little to no stress? Meteorology my friends, meteorology.

Now then, before the bell rings... who in the class can tell me the difference between Stratus & Cumulus clouds?

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