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November 28, 2009

Self Pity, Nunchucks and Tim Minchin

In the interest of maintaining some sort of consistency with the update frequency on this site, I've opted to go for the "Oh for the love of God, just write SOMETHING" approach. It may not result in the highest caliber of writing output, but it's a start.

Bit of a rough week this week that finished off with more of a day-long kick to the cahones than anything that resembled what passes for my typical Friday. If any of you were following along on Twitter, you would have noticed this entry at the beginning of the day:
"Not a real "up-beat" news day it seems:
Not entirely sure which is more disturbing."
Thankfully, after a rather long day a buddy came through with the much needed pick-me-up:
"@Banerixat I like to find the we might be able to find a way to imprison those Nortel execs in the Toronto Humane Society."
I've made a point of not getting too terribly political, or getting caught up in the daily grind on this site, but those two stories just seemed to have caught me at low ebb.  If proven true, the allegations from the first story are as deplorable as they are infuriating. As you might imagine, given the sentimental time of the year, and 'plucking-of-the-heart-strings' nature of the story, it's gotten a lot of coverage. The reaction to the item seems to be universally visceral and bordering on violent. I'm a big fan of that whole "innocent until proven guilty" aspect of our criminal justice system, so I struggle not to be sidetracked by the emotional response to the grittier details of the story. Suffice it to say, I hope those responsible get what's coming to them, whether it's public redemption, or a beating from a large muscular prison inmate who has a soft spot for puppies.

I came across the second story shortly after reading the first and that pretty much shot my cheery jubilant outlook for the day. This one is a little closer to home in that it's a local company, and I have some friends who are directly affected by this. I hesitate to comment or draw any conclusions because I am aware that even among our most sober and austere news reporting institutes, bias can creep into any story. As a result I am reluctant to take any news item at face value no matter what the source without some sort of confirmation. With all this in mind, if what's reported is accurate, it's disheartening to say the least even to those of us who are observing this from the sidelines. Surprisingly, or predictably... depending on your level of cynicism and personal political perspective,  the reaction is swift and frankly hard to distinguish between sincere & justifiable disdain, or merely political opportunism. I suspect, as usual, it's up to the individual to decide.

So as not to leave you completely depressed and crestfallen, I offer up what amounts to a shiny bauble distraction. If those weren't enough, I would ecourage, nay... dare I say urge? I do! I URGE you to head over to YouTube and check out Tim Minchin's offerings. If you're as moved by his work as I was, you may even buy his album off of iTunes. It's worth adding that Mr. Minchin has three albums out all together, all of which are available for purchase for reasonable prices at his website.

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