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November 18, 2009

Ugh... blog schmog.

Here's part of the problem in convincing yourself that you need to start writing a blog: coming to terms with just how staggeringly boring you are.

I am a boring person.

There, I've said it. I live what could be described as an excruciatingly dull existence. I've known coma patients that were less sedentary than I. Oh God, that's actually true. Not often you shock and amuse yourself with an insult you wrote about yourself. Well... that's not too awkward.

I skipped a week (nearly two actually) for updates, I'll try to be more disciplined about this in the future. Truth be told, I have no idea what direction I want to take this site in. v2.0 of was my half assed attempt at some pseudo-political rants, that I think were generally well received. The down side on those is that they took me days to write. Inclined as I am to criticize my own writing, this generally consisted of two or three days of effort, dozens of draft versions, then one final mediocre entry that was hashed together out of frustration and a complete lack of sustained interest.

The version before that was sufficiently nerdy that I'd prefer not to go into excessive details. Coding was done. Geeks gathered. There was glory, there was strife, international plots, power brokers, shady back room deals. There were also inordinately large amounts of time wasted by gentlemen who had much better things to occupy themselves with. No doubt some children still bare the emotional & developmental scars of various fathers getting up at 02:00am to launch attacks at just the right time in order that entire fleets of make-believe star fighters arrived at make-believe planets to utterly decimate make-believe opponents. Did I mention it was a tad nerdy?
"Seriously, you can play in just five minutes a day. That's it."
Some of those geek's significant others still haven't forgiven me. And this too did pass.

v1.0 of was my first entry of a solo effort website. Shockingly, I kept it running and added content for more than a year. Essentially a photo-blog, it documented in 1.3 megapixel greatness my travels and tribulations for a year or two.

I still have a copy of each one of those websites, should in decades and centuries to come some future historian require credible documentation on just how much free time adult males were able to utterly waste in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. That's me, a man of history.

Future entries on this site will likely include (but not be limited to:)
  • Weird / crazy people in my neighbourhood - Starring: Don the homeless guy, Crazy Old Italian dog walker guy, Scott the hyper-vigilante security guard, and Bird-flipping insane dude from a local watering hole.
  • An homage to bloggers that I admire and respect.
  • Efforts on my part to communicate my disdain for ACTA while trying to remain as politically neutral as possible.
  • Much, much, much navel gazing
Oh that's right faithful readers, that's as close to a cliff hanger as you'll ever get on this site.

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