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December 31, 2009

Behind the pink coloured door.

Recently, during my holiday traveling, I was asked a question about this site that I didn't, and still don't, have a good answer for. I don't recall the precise wording, but I trust you'll indulge me if I paraphrase slightly:
 "Why don't you just post a big naked picture of yourself online? You'd be less exposed."
First, for those of you who know me, let me apologize for the mental picture this question unavoidably conjures up. For those of you who don't know me... please ignore the mess on the floor made by those who do. So skipping the whimsical response of: "This is less likely to get me charged with crimes against humanity", I guess the obvious answer is I get a kick out of it. I'll admit that the 'exposure' is a little disconcerting for one inclined to paranoia and seclusion such as myself, but at the same time it gives me an opportunity to stretch some neural pathways that I don't get to otherwise.

Some other questions have come up over the last couple of months about the site, and now seems as good a time as any to answer some of them.
  • This is the fourth (I think) version of this site. I've always used the same domain though the content has changed considerably. 
  • I've done my own 'graphics' for all of them. A miniscule amount of knowledge and some good software goes a long way. The Title graphic for the last 3 sites were:

  • This is the first site that's lasted more than a week that I haven't hosted on my own server. I use Blogger because it's basically the first one I started playing with. I know Wordpress is more glitzy these days, but for now, blogger is suiting my needs and so this is where we are.
  • I use Google Analytics and Feedburner Analytics to track the site use. I'm pretty sure I'm the smallest 'client' they have. The scope and detail of information about you guys on those sites is flabbergasting. Take a look here. This is only a small portion of the information available in terms of analytics, and I'll admit that I don't fully understand all of the info offered. My numbers are pitiful, but given the nature of this site and the rather limited audience appeal, they could be worse.
  • I use Feedburner to publish my site to an RSS feed as well as by email. A side note on this... I hadn't really taken advantage of RSS feeds until I set up my own site to publish to one. I feel like a luddite for having left it that long to take a serious look at RSS feeds. Greatest thing since sliced bread. RSS feeds rock. 
  • I use a number of spots for link management:,, to name a few. A vast majority of my web browsing is spent parked at Probably my favourite site on the entire interwebotron.
  • I also use my iPhone quite a bit for the site. Some handy apps on the iPhone for this stuff: Twittelator Pro, Reeder, BlogPressLite, Yummy, InstaPaper Free, Wikipedia, Dropbox, aNote.
  • "Notes to my Nephew" was signed "Uncle Onion" because my nephew hasn't managed to pronounce my first name accurately yet. Since my nephew is perfect, it is obviously quite embarrassing for me to find out I've been mispronouncing my own name all of these years.
  • Why I hate Puppets - 98.5% accurate. I didn't need to embellish much on that one.
  • Links to the clips about the old naked santa I mentioned in my last post. Please be aware that the first of these two links contain nudity of the 70-year-old-man variety. The clip is entertaining, but for obvious reasons it is not appropriate for all viewing ages. Posted by special request:
  1. Rare Exports Inc - Clip One
  2. Rare Exports Inc - Clip Two.  
I think that about covers it.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts involving: The worst Superbowl ever; The Worlds least likely Biker; and an homage to geek toys.

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