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January 14, 2010

Robots, Mr. Shatner, and Ethel. Plus a few other odds and ends.

So before we jump into today's mixed bag of content, a few follow up notes from last week's post:
  • First and foremost - A quick "shout-out" (word-up homies) to the readers from Tower C. For further information on your co-worker's travelling mishaps, ask him about the Buffalo Bills football game, and why the Canada Customs agent ran off of the tour bus. Incidentally, some of you mooches still owe me for that cab ride.
  • As per request, more user tracking / site usage reports are available in the side panel. 
  • No, a Norwalk virus diagnosis was never officially confirmed, but we had it on good authority that this is what we were suffering from. I never went to a Doctor or hospital, and I'm pretty sure B.A. didn't either. 
Now then, on with this week's update....

   As part of my "research" for this site, I tend to keep a list of a variety of different bookmarks and sites I find from week to week. Sometimes they're a good fit for something I'm writing about, and some times.... they're not.

The problem with this approach is that after a while, I tend to build up a list of links that are worth using, but never really fit in to the flow of any of my posts. That leaves us in our current situation, with a boat load of links that are worth sharing but don't follow any particular pattern. Consider this something of a mix'n match + random link post.

I tend to spend far too much time browsing through YouTube looking for hidden gems. Some times I get lucky and find something worth while, but most of the time it's a wasted effort. Some of the clips I find I post up on twitter, some of them get saved for later... a few are worthy of both:

This week however, I hit pay dirt. I came across a link to an entry on wikipedia that described a series of short films made nearly a decade ago as part of a marketing campaign for BMW. Now apparently, I was living under a rock at the time because I never saw them, despite them being part of one of the company's most successful marketing campaigns of all time. Guess I don't fall into their target demographic. Regardless (or is it irregardless?), these clips are so staggeringly impressive, I've opted to give them a page all of their own. You'll be doing yourself a serious disservice if you don't take a look at: "'The Hire' - A series of eight short films from BMW".

This next one,... I have to admit I hesitated as to whether or not I should include it. It's definitely not for everyone. Consider that your warning, the humour is a little morbid to say the least. That being said, I found it at least as funny as I did disturbing. It's another commercial, this time from Volkswagen, and it was banned from airing in North America (apparently).  I'll leave it up to you as to whether or not you want to check it out.

Last but not least, I include this one for two people in particular.
  1. First, for my cousin - because she was the first one I thought of when I saw it. Not necessarily for the reason you may think. I can recall sitting down to dinner with her and our respective families one evening where upon she impressed us all with her surprisingly detailed expertise of the topic at hand. I'll admit, I had always questioned the validity of some of her statements, but in light of my recent discovery she is completely vindicated. She's all grown up now, with a family of her own. I doubt this will hold the same fascination for her that it once did, but if nothing else... her kids may enjoy it in a few years.
  2. Second, for my brother. For precisely the reason you think. 
Only fourteen times a day.... guess I'm above average. Cuz, Bro,... enjoy:

Facts About Your Farts

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