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April 15, 2010

Garden Gnomes, Lego, and miscellaneous Jackassery

  So it seems there are a few of you that have some serious issues with garden gnomes. Deep seated loathing type of issues. One might go so far as to describe it as rampant unchecked hatred with a high potential for spontaneous violent outbursts. So much so that two of my co-workers were so concerned with my safety and security, they felt it necessary to hold an impromptu intervention (their choice of words, not mine) for me this week with the theme of "What not to do with your camera". No really, that actually happened. I may have taken some liberties with the context, but the 'intervention' did indeed take place. Before you ask, yes... it has already occurred to me that perhaps this wasn't the most productive way to spend ten minutes of our work day, but it was enlightening if nothing else.

What to take away from this? A few things I guess:
  • Apparently, some people are quite passionate about garden gnomes
  • Pictures taken while half-snapped in your brother's backyard of a buddy for a laugh do not always equal internet success.
  • An hour or so of cheap photoshopping is not a replacement for a few days worth of research and scribbling.
  • The enthusiastic eagerness with which some of you offer constructive criticism comes close to crossing the border into 'zealotry' territory.
  • It is virtually guaranteed that there will be future installments in the "Seeci vs. The Gnome" series. Personally, I'm looking forward to them.
Despite the mixed reviews, it seems to have for the most part been received in the light in which it was offered. That is to say... jackassery at it's finest. With some notable & vocal exceptions. Different strokes for different folks. For those that were less than exhilerated by the 'Seeci vs The Gnome' post, ultimately, I think a sentiment expressed to me often by a good friend of mine sums up my attitude fairly accurately:
"This sounds more like a 'You' problem than a 'Me' problem."  - Tranq
On to the other matters. This post is going to be something of a digital schmorgesborg of random links and  disconnected thoughts. I have a few posts in the works for the weeks to come, but nothing really materialised  in the form of a coherent thought process so you guys get to read the equivalent of a beer dregs post this week. It's been three months since the last one, so it's probably fair to assume that this will be a quarterly event.

In going through the backlog of miscellaneous link debris, I came across this documentary of "Adult Fans of Lego":

Neat eh? Maybe a little obsessive, but still kind of cool. I found this clip back in late March, and hadn't yet found an excuse to use it. Staying with the Lego theme, The Canada Science & Technology Museum (they're a cool bunch over there) had a big display put together a few months back. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it over in time to see the exhibit, but thankfully that doesn't mean I missed it completely:

Pictures from CSTMWeb's Flickr Set.

It never fails to amaze me just how much very cool stuff you can find online. Case in point:

If you liked that, I encourage you to take a look at the Nuformer YouTube Channel, they have a few other clips that are more or less along the same lines. Some neat viewing for a few minutes anyhow.

Those of you who have an eye for detail may have noticed some shenanigans going on in the side panel some while ago. I've added a rather large embedded google calendar (The Chronton Particle Recorder) on one of the other pages wherein I have posted up dates of events I think are particularly interesting.

Also, you may have noticed a link to entitled "Not for the feint of heart". This will take you to another page where I've been slowly (very slowly) adding some old photos from previous iterations of this site. It's been about a decade since these pictures have seen the light of day, so bare with me as most of them were taken on an old Kodak DC280 and / or an Epson z3000. In the days to come, I'll be adding some more recent photos that with a little luck will look marginally better. Don't hold your breath though.

That's all I've got this week. Posts that are currently in the works include:
  • A story of hair loss and bloody head wounds
  • Still working on that ACTA post, it'll make it up here eventually
  • Some political commentary about some of the public sector all-stars
  • There's even a potential milk shake review series in the makings. If you know any worthy contenders, please feel free to drop me a comment below with directions & recommendations.
Take care folks.

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Milk shake idea sounds useful, just mind the camera work...