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June 29, 2010

Other peoples talent

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr
- January 1849 - Les Guêpes
Hope you guys like the new look. I started fiddling with the new changes that Blogger implemented to the template editor a week or two ago, and ended up with this. I still haven't decided if I like it or not, but people seem to be responding to it well so it'll be here for a little while anyhow. At least until the next time I get an itch to overhaul the title pic again.

No stories or overly researched geek posts today. Instead a few links to some photos I took back in April of this year around town. Some of you may have already seen them, as I posted them up on Flickr a while ago and even went so far as to post a link on twitter to them. I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Gower from Ottawa Start then retweeted my message which caused something of a tsunami in my little digital duck pond. I'm always a kind of surprised when someone comments on the site or in this case a photo without me explicitly telling them to check it out, then hovering over them and poking them in the forehead until they do.

I've found graffiti fascinating since I was a kid. I remember long car / truck / camper rides across Canada looking at the Canadian Shield and the various love notes scrawled across it and other similar rock faces.

  • "Tony loves Becky" followed by:
  • "Tony loves Susan" followed by:
  • "Tony loves Amy" followed by:
  • "For a good time call Tony!"  

In hindsight, I suppose there's a fine line between vandalism and graffiti, but then like so many things it comes down to being a matter of perspective. Or in Tony's case, a crate of spray paint and a box of condoms (hopefully), and possibly a few shots of penicillin.

Thankfully, the City of Ottawa has set aside a few walls about town that have designated legal graffiti walls. Basically a few spots where the masters of the spray can are able to go and practice their art without fear of it being white washed or covered over the next day.

Without further delay,... I offer you a collection of shots from Ottawa's graffiti walls:













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Dave said...

Nice pics, good post!

What did you do with the rest of it?